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, weigh in, let us know how you feel about this, men versus women, apparently women have a different reaction to cold temperatures than men do. >> finally, scientific proof because we've been having-- >> we were trying to await this study. >> a battle royal at every-- as i do with my work husband every single weekend, the fight about temperature. >> we already had one. >> this morning, it was the worst. >> five minutes ago. >> cold, too hot. >> but first let me be clear, the president likes to say let be me cheer. in fact, it is his favorite phrase, one he's uttered over and over and over again in his first few months on the job, an interesting article on the, how frequently the president uses this phrase and exactly what it accomplishes, gee guys. >> from excuse me president bush's former speech writer, it's a phrase, a verbal twitch. an example of president obama using the let's be clear linements first of all, let me be clearments let me be clear. >> i just want to be clear. let me be clear. >> so let me be clear. >> i want to be clearments i want to make clear. >> i
rivers, it was frozen, and they were with us chinese-korean guide others as well as another tv producer, an older man, a tv producer who got away. again i think the guide may have been an inside deal to position them in exactly the right place so north korea could get this party. >> clayton: this party so what is the payoff is to market elevates them on the world stage. many showing president clinton singer with kim jong-il and elevates -- people say this is exactly what he wanted. he wanted these national pictures. he wanted these photos. >> dave: it legitimizes him. >> clayton: it legitimizes him what the world sanctions and every thing else being rolled out to curb their nuclear program right now. >> dave: you almost wonder, the three american journalists who are now captive in iran, you wonder could this be a similar situation. shane bauer and two others still held in iran and no word on when they might potentially be coming home were no negotiations on that front either. >> alysin: coming up the remind me what's coming up and it's an important segment. we're going to introduce you
his case straight to the american people and uses a family member to sell his plans for health care reform. >> i lost my grandmother last year, the notion that i ran for the office or members of congress are in this so that they can go around pulling the plug on grandma? >> will that help the president win over his critics, we report, you decide. decide. >> taking it to the big leagues. a pint size reporter snagged the biggest interview of his life. damon weaver is here to tell bus his one-on-one with president obama. >> and what women want, in the workplace. >> oh. >> we'll tell you about a surprising new study about females and their boss. get your hands off me. >> stop touching. >> or please do. >> if you're watching "fox & friends." >> oops. >> good morning, fox foxx. good morning, "fox & friends." good morning, "fox & friends." >> the call center is open. >> hi, good morning. >> careful of the voice mail though. >> hi, everybody, look who is back again filling in for dave briggs. >> i can't believe they will the me back in. and where is dave again? >> he's on a fabulous vacatio
to talk to her. >> yeah, that's coming up. e-mail us about that. and we'll talk about the latest in the apologies s-- jayc jaycee dugard story. we'll get a glimpse into what the world was leak like. the young girl captured by fip garrido, in the back yard, prison world where she lived with her two daughters, allegedly he illicitly fathered with her. >> a neighbor said she saw young girls living in skaul lore. they thought he was weird, called him creepy phil and she called the cops ap this is the missed opportunity in 2006 that the police went to his home and didn't see this little shanty town of shacks that he had hidden behind a tarp, even though the neighbor was aware that for some reason, little girls were running around there. so she will now help in the investigation. >> right, and some say that t they may not have known or checked that garrido was a registered sex offender and jaycee dugard was working for his printing business and talking to customers through e-mail, on the phone and wonder, why didn't see in some way communicate her situation, her real name, her identi
to our sunday morning, charaning for joining us, we have so much to tell you about today, including we have an update for you on the story that so many of you have been following about the american boy who was abducted by his mother during a bitter custody battle, taken to an italy away from his father, who you see here, who has sole custody and he's now in an air fannage in rome because he was taken away from his unfit mother. how the father is working to get him back. >> and also this morning, comprehensively, 50,000 men studied in this study, ask put together the most comprehensive study on men, all the questions that women have been asking about men. >> it's so good. >> and some stuff is going to shock you, that's coming up in a little while. >> because these are the questions, ladies, you've always, always wanted to hear, which is, okay, so what do you really look for in a wife? with an is wife material, they ask. >> and i'm not buying it. >> oh, i am. >> they needed more than 50,000, we'll discuss that as a very intriguing study. i'm curious to hear what you learned in th
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5